NORTHSEAKAYAK: Sea Kayak Life Boat Rescue

Posted on Friday 28th April, 2017

Dimitir from Northseakayak shares another great sea kayak training exercise with us....


One of the worst things that can happen to a sea kayaker is the loss of his or her kayak on the open sea.  We paddle mostly as a group, if paddling alone some of us tether ourselves to the kayak..... but you never know when you lose your sea kayak. 



Our team always wear a good quality PFD, good clothing (dry or wetsuit) and a means to call for help.  Dimitri has always been a big fan of good quality VHF radios combined with the knowledge to make good use of it. With the benefit of two way communication, you can reach a large number of receivers, and if your message is received you get direct response - you know if and when help is coming!  Make sure to load the batteries every single time you go out on a trip.

You should carry a minimum of items on your person.  A VHF radio or a cell phone at least.  A flare, maybe two if you have the room, the mandatory whistle, a knife, a PLB, a water reserve (camel back type).  The more you carry, the more options you got when the need arises. 

Today we got lucky, we were able to train with the crew of the R6 ORKA lifeboat.  Conditions were great, no wind, no waves, sunny but a water temperature around 11°C.  Even in these conditions it was difficult to spot a single person in such a big body of water.  Therefore it’s always better if you can stay near your kayak….  But in this case, the kayak was gone!  A good VHF should float and should be waterproof by itself (not by carrying it in a waterproof bag).  Most rescue services make use of a so called homing device, they can reach your location faster that way if you broadcast that is. 

If you got the chance to train together with rescue services, grab that chance with both hands!  It’s always a good to learn and share experience.

Dimitri would like to thank the R6 ORKA Lifeboat crew for their contribution to this exercise!